what are wire drawing dies

Wire drawing dies The wire drawing process involves drawing wire of a larger diameter through a die with a smaller diameter bore. This reduces the diameter of the wire to produce the desired size and tolerance of the wire, while the volume remains the same. Wires are sized by drawing them through a series of wire […]

our tungsten Carbide products are prominently showcased on Metoree

  hello We are happy that our professionally produced products have been introduced on Metoree website. Our Tungsten Carbide, Carbide Modular Shank are prominently showcased on Metoree, a leading product and manufacturer information comparison site catering to https://us.metoree.com/categories/6653/ researchers and engineers. You can find more information about Zhuzhou Major cemented carbide Co.,Ltd on Metoree’s dedicated page. […]

Quality tungsten carbide rods

MAJOR Carbide manufactures solid carbide rods, carbide rods with coolant holes, carbide rods with helical coolant holes. The range of sizes is Dia0.3-Dia40mm and L10-L1000mm. We could supply unground cemented carbide rods, grounds carbide rods(h5/h6) for 45hrc,55hrc,60hrc,65hrc. 6 Cobalt,9 Cobalt,10 Cobalt,12 Cobalt,15 Cobalt are available for hard metal rods, mainly for making PCB tools, gravers, […]