How to prevent the damage of concrete pump wear plate and cutting rings

Concrete pump wear plate and cutting ring are a pair of closely fit parts with relative movement. The contact surface of them is brazed with a layer of wear-resistant material. Through the special-shaped nut at the tail end of the spline shaft of the S valve, the gap between the plate&ring can be adjusted within 0.1 ~0.2mm. The rubber spring assembled between the S-shaped tube and the wear ring enables the relative movement of the cutting ring and the spectacle plate to be flexible and free.

With the prolongation of service time, the rubber spring loses its elasticity, and adjoining surface of the cutting ring and the wear plate will be worn, which will cause the gap between them to increase. When the gap is more than 0.7mm, it needs to be adjusted immediately, otherwise the pumped mortar will take advantage of the “gap” to enter. Once the mortar flows into the friction surface, the wear speed of the cutting ring and concrete pump wear plate will be greatly accelerated.

When pumping concrete, the cutting ring swings with the swing of the S-valve to cut the concrete, so the cutting ring wears faster. And the higher the concrete pressure at the outlet, the more serious the cutting ring is worn. Usually, the wear and tear of the cutting ring occurs at the edge first, and it is located in two symmetrical parts at an angle of 90° on the upper part. Therefore, when the above-mentioned parts of the cutting ring are worn out, the wear ring can be rotated by an angle in time to continue to use, which is equivalent to doubling the service life of the cutting ring.

The wear of the spectacle plate occurs at the nose beam in the middle firstly. The larger the gap between the spectacle plate and the cutting ring, the faster the rate of wear. Therefore, we must always pay attention to the gap between the spectacle plate and the cutting ring. Once the gap is found to increase, the special-shaped nut is tightened or the worn parts are replaced immediately, to prevent the mortar from flowing into the friction surface. When the rubber spring loses its elasticity, it needs to be replaced immediately. For the cutting ring and spectacle plate that can be repaired, the brazing rod can be used to continue to use it.